Publication | New Light on the 1843 Viking-Age Coin-Hoard From Deryykeighan Near Dervock in CO. Antrium

IN the 1959 volume of this Journal
, Mr. W. A. Seaby has published an account of the 1843
Viking-age coin-hoard from Derrykeighan near Dervock in the north of Co. Antrim, and this
account may be thought effectively to supersede Mr. J. D. A. Thompson’s Inventory listing
of three years earlier
. In the course of his paper Mr. Seaby suggested that the find may have
included a York penny of Eric Bloodaxe (948, 952-954), not improbably a sadty chipped
two-line (948?) penny of the moneyer Ingelgar which is in the Ulster Museum (ex Belfast
Natural History and Philosophical Society). New evidence more than bears out the validity
of what could be in 1959 little more than an inspired guess.

-Taken from Publication

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