Detectorists premiere on Thursday!!!

The long-awaited series ‘Detectroists’ premiere on Thursday 2nd October at 10:00 pm on BBC4.

Comedy series about two friends metal detectorists who spend most of their life in muddy fields, dreaming of finding priceless treasure which will make them rich and famous.

We can’t wait. How about you?

Detectorists metal detecting sit com

2 thoughts on “Detectorists premiere on Thursday!!!

  1. This series is priceless and beautiful. Mackenzie Crook is a comedy genius. He has written a gentle and funny sitcom in the finest English tradition. The relationship between the two central characters, Lance and Andy is funny and moving in equal measure. The funniest moments for me (amongst many) are when Lance climbs up onto his cushioned stool to play his song with Andy at the ‘open mike’ night. For all the world like a little boy; and the Barry Sheen gag by Terry’s hospital bed. Wonderful stuff. The supporting cast isn’t too shabby either. Just goes to show the strength in depth we have in our character actors in this country. I believe the next episode is the last in this series, shame. I cannot believe that another series won’t be commissioned.
    Do you think that it was the intention to make David Sterne’s character, the eccentric landowner Larry Bishop look like Time Teams Mick Aston or not ?
    These episodes raise my spirits every time I see them, and remind us that this hobby is as much about good company and friendship as it is about an interest in local history; finds, and the practice of detecting.
    Unmissable !!

  2. It’s a great laugh,as I’ve been detecting science the sixties and not like the guys portrayed I can laugh ,I’m sure there are those not impressed,keep up the good work at the lighter side of life,Dave Nixon

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