Worcestershire & Warwickshire Metal Detecting Club – WWMDC

Worcestershire & Warwickshire Metal Detecting Club – WWMDC

Metal Detecting Club - WWMDCThis club was first started in September 2014 for the purpose of meeting other people with an interest in metal detecting while raising money for charity s as we are a NON PROFITABLE ORGANISATION.  We charge all our members ten pounds each for every dig they attend  and pay all money raised to a charity of the land owners choice.  We are a members only club that is run by the members for the members. We charge an annual membership fee of £20 per member and all members are carefully chosen. The Club expects all members to have their own NCMD insurance.
Read more: http://www.wwmdc.com/

contact for new members:  WWWMDCLUB@GMAIL.COM


Worcester Warwickshire Metal Detecting Club


Worcester & Warwickshire Metal Detecting Club - WWMDC

6 thoughts on “Worcestershire & Warwickshire Metal Detecting Club – WWMDC

  1. Dead Sir/Madam,

    My name is Eve Lewis and after several years of dropping very unsutal hints I received my first metal detector this Christmas.

    I have used my metal detector twice and realise there is an art/skill to this this hobby.

    Are you accepting new members?

    If so how often do you meet and where?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    With kind regards,


  2. Hi, I lost my wedding ring while volunteering at a Warwickshire national trust today and wondered if anyone could help me find it?

  3. Hi I lost my deceased mother’s expensive ring in Willersley. Can I hire a detector in this area ASAP.
    Losing sleep over this.
    Any help or advise gladly received.

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