Detectorist unearthed a 700-year-old ring

Treasure hunter: How I thought a 700-year-old ring was a Coke can ring pull.

medieval distorted gold finger ring

PAUL BUXEY was expecting, after his metal detector went off yet again, to frustratingly find it was yet another ring pull from a Coke can. Instead the electrician got a shock when he discovered, as he bent down to the soil in a field in Shipton-on-Cherwell, it was actually a 700-year-old a medieval gold ring. He had been out with his metal detecting club, The Metal Detectives, a year ago and said just prior to his discovery he had come across three Coca-Cola can ring pulls “which give a very similar signal” to the gold ring. He expected it to be the same but found the ring – a medieval distorted gold finger ring with a red stone insert thought to be a garnet – was beneath about six inches of soil.


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