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Regton Metal Detecting Tips: How to Pinpoint with a Concentric Coil

How to Pinpoint with a Concentric Coil? This is the fourth video in a series of hints & tips to help and improve your metal detecting skills and techniques. This video will help you pinpoint with a concentric coil. Nigel Ingram, from Regton, presents the whole series. Metal detecting accessories ) Hobby Metal Detecting

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Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales | Beginners Guide |

You can download for free the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD) Code of Practice here Or below is the Portable Antiquities Scheme Code of practice for responsible metal detecting Being responsible means: Before you go metal-detecting Not trespassing; before you start detecting obtain permission to search from the landowner/occupier, regardless of the status, or perceived status,…